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DragonFire (a.k.a. PML Endeavour) - (2006)
This project was built from the PML Endeavour kit for my Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. The kit was assembled pretty much as the instructions stated. The only invention was the motor retention clips. DragonFire, was flown at XPRS2006.


Diameter: 3.9"
Length: 71"
Mass: 72 ozs.
Status: Flown successfully several times then modified. See tbd.

Gallery: (click on the picture to enlarge it)

The first thing to do is use a good quality epoxy and put it together.

Aligning the fins aligned with 6 fins
was a bit of a trick. We made a
fixture for the top set of fins.
We aligned the bottom fins with
the top fins using popsicle-sticks
and small clamps.

We used Devcon epoxy that came in a syringe
with a mixer dispenser. A piece of plastic tubing
was attached to the tip of the syringe so that the
epoxy could be deposited deep inside the tube.

The parachute compartment is
in the lower airframe.
The upper airframe has a big
payload section.

All the parts are glued on
and the epoxy is dry.

Now to prepare it for painting.

Three coats of white primer and lots of sanding.

I wanted to paint the
rocket using a dragon
theme. I had a poster that
was my inspiration.

I scanned the poster into my computer
and used a Photoshop like program to
isolate the image and open the
dragon's mouth.

I then stretched it, printed it in
sections, cut out the outline
and taped it to the rocket.

Pencil tracing. First the left side, then the prints
were taped to the right side and traced again.

Again using an indelible ink marker. The drawing was
extended onto the fins and the left & right side images
were merged by my lovely artist wife.
Now the finished product.

Left side


Right side


Now I just need an accessory to go with the rocket.