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The below photos were taken at Black Rock, Nevada during the AEROPAC ARLISS/XPRS launch event, Sept. 11st through Sept. 16th.

This page - Pictures of Bob's, Allen's, and Grant's Level 3 HPR certification flights.

Page 2 - Pictures of other flights including ARLISS student teams, an unique multistage flight, and camp pictures.

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Allen Palmer, Grant Saviers, and I planned planned to achieve Level 3 Certification at this event using our new ARLISS rockets. (See the SuperARLISS Project Web Site for more info on the rocket design.)

Preflight TAP Inspection

Allen prepares his booster It has a clear top bulkplate Allen's avionics Our rocket components
Tom Rouse, one of our TAP advisors, inspects the rockets.
Level 3 inspections are easier when you give
your TAP advisor a check and catch it on film.
We get preflight inspection approval.

Arriving at Black Rock (Tuesday, September 11th)

<== Our Campsite

The launch line is still quite empty ==>

We spent Tuesday afternoon setting up our camp and helping to set up the launch range.

Bob's Level 3 Certification Flight

Configuring the flight computers Filling the CD3s with
black powder
Sealing the CD3s Avionics compartment is ready.
Attaching the nylon tethers to the appropriate rocket sections. Preparing the M1419 motor
Still preparing the M1419 motor The motor's view of
the fin frame
Ready to go to the launch pad... Jeff places his voodoo on it.
Inserting the igniter
Turn on the avionics. Verify the LEDs are flashing?. Attach the igniter clips. Ready to go!
Did we just run over something? 5 minute epoxy works wonders. Ready on the pad... Counting down...
Straight up. No wobble at all. 3 chutes visible. Bob can relax a little. Found the booster...
The flight profile from the G-Wiz MC2.  
Got some playa rash on the upper section.
The wind drug it a half a mile.
Level 3 Certification accomplished!  

Allen's Level 3 Certification Flight

Allen preparing the CD3s Preparing the M1419 motor
Preparing the motor continued...
Sliding the rocket onto the rail The Sun is getting to Bob. The final check Clearing the flight with the LCO
Flight profile from the G-Wiz MC2.
All is ready. Recovered booster section Playa rash on the upper body tube Removing the avionics compartment

Grant's Level 3 Certification Flight

Testing the avionics Prepping the motor Turn on the avionics. Attach the firing clips
Flight profile from the G-Wiz MC2.

Verify that the
avionics LEDs
are flashing.

Ready to fly Booster recovery All the pieces are back intact. Looks like the payload carrier got chipped bouncing off the nosecone.

Time to Celebrate

Time to open the champagne. All three of us succeeded in gaining our level 3 high power certifications.

More pictures to come on the next page...

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