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The below photos were taken at Black Rock, Nevada during the AEROPAC MudRock launch event, June 18th. through June 20th.

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Weather at Black Rock was beautiful. Skys were clear, no rain in the forecast. Although there were some calm periods, for most of the weekend winds blew between 10 and 20 MPH.

Setting Up Camp

MudRock launch being set up.

Our camp.

More rocketeers arrive. Ready to launch!
Camp is set up. Time to relax and have some fun..
Jim looking for the campsite on Friday morning. Found it, but it's still quite empty.

Launching Grant's 2-stage -- Red 2 Redux -- Attempting 50k feet.

We set up the launch pad on Friday, but the wind picked up. We held off on launching until Saturday morning.
Placing the rocket on the 20 foot rail launch pad...

Red 2 Redux launch video
(Click here for Windows Media Video)

A mirage comes rolling into camp.

A mirage.

Bob launching DragonFire2 with aft camera.

For this launch DragonFire has been modified to carry a GearCam camera.
The black pod on the right is a down pointing GearCam. The black pod on the left is a wooden dowel to balance the drag of the camera.

DragonFire2 Launch (Quicktime-MP4)
(Click here for Windows Media Video)

GearCam Video (Quicktime-MP4)
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Jeff launches his Endeavour.

Jeff's Endeavour (Quicktime-MP4)
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Jim tries for Level 2 Certification.

Jim's L2 launch video (Quicktime-MP4)
(Click here for Windows Media Video)

Jim receives his Level 2 Certification Pin as we get set to leave Black Rock..